Monday June 18, 2012

Last Group show at West Street

Dear Friends,
After two years, West Street Gallery will close. A final show will include works by each of the artists who contributed to the project. The exhibition will be on view June 22–July 7.
West Street Gallery was founded in 2009 by Alex Gartenfeld and Matt Moravec, and subsequently involved nearly two-dozen exhibitions, talks, screenings and readings. We are grateful to all of the artists who participated, and we are proud to have showed significant and often times first projects by emerging international artists.
Perhaps the most important element of West Street is our community. This network of activity will continue on. Alex and Matt are excited for our forthcoming projects—both independently and as collaborators. Thank you for your support.
An after-party will be held in conjuction with 47 Canal, location forthcoming.
Artists in exhibiton: Michele Abeles, Sam Anderson, Trisha Baga, Ian Cheng, Sam Falls, Ryan Foerster, Brendan Fowler, Greg Fong, Van Hanos, Ian Hokin, Zak Kitnick, Erik Lindman, Andrea Longacre-White, Jo Nigogohossian, Dominic Nurre, Eric Palgon, Asher Penn, Grayson Revoir, Julia Rommel, David Scanavino, Dan Shaw-Town, Ryan Sullivan, Kyle Thurman, Josh Tonsfeldt, Kon Trubkovich, Daniel Turner, Ryan Wolfe