Monday July 18, 2011

Harvest Moon

in december i moved out to Brighton friend Silvianna has this small cottagey house that im living in.. there s a yard, feels kind of suburban but not…theres lots of weird old homes out there and most people have all sorts of shit on their house or out in their yard..its amazing walking around and seeing all this cool funny shit..some of it reminds me of the work that my friends are i decided to have them bring their work and put it around my house…also some other friends make great photos so i decided to have a small photo show in this studio space i have at the house…come!….july 23 2-8PM … all welcome!! – Ryan Foerster

Saturday July 23
425 Oceanview Ave
Brooklyn, NY

Harvest Moon – Brighton Beach

Aaron Bobrow
Robin Cameron
Sam Falls
Glenna Foerster
Lukas Geronimas
Rochelle Goldberg
Hunter Hunt Hendrix
Jacob Kassay
Zak Kitnick
Ajay Kurian
Shawn Kuruneru
Erik Lindman
Asher Penn
Grayson Revoir
David Schoerner
Ben Schumacher
Matt Sheridan Smith
Kyle Thurman
Elaine Cameron-Weir

PHOTOSHO – Brighton Beach

Josh Brand
Lindsey Castillo
Anders Goldfarb
Silvianna Goldsmith
Robin Graubard
Pia Howell
Leigh Ledare
Yoshi Matsumura
Josh Tonsfeldt