Wednesday June 8, 2011

Hannah Barry Gallery Solo Show

Opens June 21st in London

I conn’d old times,
I sat studying at the feet of the great masters,
Now if eligible O that the great masters might return and study me. *

The paintings presented here are an extension of the six paintings first shown at Hannah Barry Gallery last year in the show “New Work, New York”. These works were not planned as a group or cycle but never the less find their conclusion with this current installation.

Two Crosses mark the space of the gallery. Cutting a found picture frame in four sections, the works are some of the most direct I’ve made. The Crosses are iconic, anonymous, and also “like a painting collapsing in on itself”.

The goal is for artwork to possess its realization eo ipso.

Beauty and truth are anonymous: their (mis)translation in this world embodied through, and within, material is the subject of this show.

Erik Lindman

  • Walt Whitman, “Starting from Paumanok”