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Thursday October 13, 2011

On Painting

On Painting is a short treatise outlining the artist’s own approach to art-making and passionately asserting the value of painting to contemporary art practice. Part essay, part call-to-arms, On Painting is written in a style that mixes conversational appeals to the reader with rigorously thought-out and delicately composed arguments in proposal of a new style of painting.

In On Painting Lindman sets out a refreshed methodology of painting, one which rejects the prevalent discourses of defensive irony, cold conceptualism and empty sensationalism. Lindman adopts the seemingly paradoxical position of an artist who thinks in depth about his work only to urge the audience to think less about it. The work, despite its evident intelligence of its author, challenges the pre-eminence of desiccated academic interpretations of contemporary art in which the experience of the viewer is relegated in significance behind its potential to shock or √©pater le bourgeois.”

Designed by Garrick Gott and edited by Benjamin Eastham. Paperback. 48pp plus cover. £5.99
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